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Underprivileged children and young people living in Vila Telebrasília and the community of Santa Luzia in the structural city are receiving free cavaquinho and musical theory classes through the project “Minhas Mãos, meu cavaquinho” developed by the Waldir Azevedo Culture Point.

Conceived by musician Dudu Oliveira, who is the creator of the Orquestra de Cavaquinhos de Brasília, the initiative aims to guarantee cultural and artistic access to music workshops for children and adolescents who are victims of extreme poverty. By proposing an artistic musical intervention in the community, the project enables the student to have a new relationship with the space in which they are inserted, stimulating the awakening of interpersonal relationships, in addition to avoiding something very risky in this reality: harmful leisure.

“Inserting art as the main form of entertainment in children’s daily lives, in order to divert their gaze from the dangers of their environment” is one of the most motivating objectives of this project, says Dudu Oliveira, who also intends to meet a demand in the cultural and social sector , having seen the lack of artistic-cultural proposals in these social strata.

There are still vacancies!!! Come study cavaquinho for free and discover a new and revealing universe

Interested parties should contact 99699877 (whatssap)

My hands, my cavaquinho – class schedules


tuesday ukulele 10 am
fifth music theory 14h

Vila Telebrasilia

Cavaquinho Wednesday 19h
Theory Wednesday 20h

Press: Tita Lyra 61 99984 8445
Information: Thais Tosi 9969 9877 and Dudu Oliveira 99622 6533

On 09/15/2021
Source: Tita Lyra

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