PT gives up on party because of the pandemic, but maintains event in MG to flirt with PSD – 01/15/2022 – Panel

The PT gave up on having a big celebration in the public square on the occasion of the party’s anniversary, on February 10th.

As the Panel showed, the idea was to set up a stage and fill a square in Belo Horizonte with supporters of Lula, who would be present.

The party’s leadership took the initiative after Lula praised an event in which he spoke at the Plaza de Mayo and shared the stage with Alberto Fernández, Cristina Kirchner and Pepe Mujica.

The reason for the withdrawal was the new peak of the Covid pandemic. However, an alternative is being studied in Minas Gerais, such as a virtual broadcast with the presence of the former president.

The choice for MG is not fortuitous. The mayor of Belo Horizonte is Alexandre Kalil, from the PSD, a party that the PT wants to have on its side in the elections.

Geraldo Alckmin distanced himself from the acronym of Gilberto Kassab, but PT members say they believe there is still a chance of rapprochement to compose the ticket with Lula.

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