Purchases for a few dirhams The owners incurred a traffic violation of 500 dirhams – localities – accidents and cases

The owner of a vehicle was surprised after leaving a bakery shop, after buying (Samoon) bread for two dirhams, that there was a fine of 500 dirhams on his vehicle for parking randomly behind the vehicles. Their vehicles are running to buy some supplies and foodstuffs from grocery stores and shops on the road.

Shoppers confirmed that their random parking was an emergency and did not exceed five minutes, as they face a constant problem in finding vacant parking spaces in the vicinity of the intended stores, while the Abu Dhabi Police and the Integrated Transport Center in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi warn owners of vehicles against parking randomly or parking in prohibited places. And not to obstruct traffic, and the necessity to always park the vehicle correctly in the parking spaces.

Omar Mahmoud said that he was surprised by the issuance of a fine of 500 dirhams, when he stopped his vehicle in front of a library to buy a box of colors for his daughter for three dirhams, indicating that his absence from the vehicle did not exceed a few minutes, and despite that he received a violation, which he felt that buying a box Colors cost more than 500 dirhams.

Hussein Mahmoud stated that there is a problem in the availability of the parking spaces available in front of the shops that witness a turnout of members of the public, especially during the night period, as many of these parking spaces become reserved for residents after nine in the evening and not for visitors, as well as it is important to take into account that some stand for minutes Numbered in front of a store is an urgent matter, and usually does not obstruct traffic and traffic, pointing out that he incurred a fine of 500 dirhams because of buying simple orders.

Abu Acer supported him, saying that he was twice exposed to two violations: the first when he left his vehicle in front of a bakery to buy (Samoon) bread for two dirhams, and the second in front of a restaurant to buy a meal worth 20 dirhams, meaning that he incurred 1000 dirhams, the value of the two violations.

He added that he finds it difficult to find a vacant parking lot, to park his vehicle legally, in the vicinity of restaurants or shops, to buy his needs, especially during the evening period, noting that most of these restaurants are located in residential areas, in which visitors are not allowed to park their vehicles.

Abu Abdullah stated that he is keen not to stop his vehicle randomly behind the vehicles, in compliance with the laws, and not to obstruct traffic in front of others.

He pointed out that there are various solutions that he does, including not getting off the vehicle, calling one of the workers in the shops to fulfill his purchases, or taking one of his sons with him to do this himself, and not leaving the vehicle in a running state.

For its part, Abu Dhabi Police warned vehicle drivers of six types of incorrect parking for vehicles, including: parking in the nozzles of fire, standing behind vehicles that hinders their movement, stopping at intersections, stopping during accidents, parking in the parking of “people of determination”, stopping at the bend of the road .

Abu Dhabi Police called on drivers to stop the vehicle in the designated places, and not to obstruct traffic and traffic through wrong and random parking, as the Federal Traffic and Traffic Law stipulates that parking behind vehicles or obstructing traffic is punished with a fine of 500 dirhams.

She explained that wrong parking is a problem that all road users suffer, as some drivers leave their vehicles anywhere in the street without observing traffic laws and regulations and for other drivers, as some of them use private parking lots for people of determination and places where parking is prohibited and emergency parking for parking their vehicle, without taking into account what may be exposed. To him the driver of the car, pedestrians and children as a result of wrong parking on the road.

Traffic and Traffic Law

Article 60 of the Traffic and Traffic Law stipulates the offense of parking behind vehicles, which hinders their movement, is a fine of 500 dirhams, while Article 98 stipulates the offense of obstructing traffic in any way, 500 dirhams.

The law also prohibits stopping vehicles at intersections and curves of roads, with a fine of 500 dirhams, stopping a vehicle on a pedestrian crossing lane of 500 dirhams, and the parking of taxi vehicles designated for parking spaces for transporting passengers in places other than authorized for 500 dirhams and four traffic points.

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