Pushkov: Facebook and Google will not refuse to register in Russia

The chairman of the Federation Council commission on information policy and interaction with the media, Alexei Pushkov, said that he was confident that foreign IT companies, including Facebook and Google, would open branches or representative offices in the Russian Federation so as not to lose “a huge part of the information market.”

Earlier, a bill was introduced to the State Duma, which, from January 1, 2022, obliges the owners of large Internet resources with an audience of more than 500 thousand Russians to create branches in Russia, open representative offices and establish legal entities in the country, which will fully benefit the interests of parent companies.

“I do not foresee that Google or Facebook will refuse to register in Russia. If they refuse, they will be blocked, they will lose the Russian segment. I see no reason for these corporations to lose a huge part of the information market due to stupid adherence to principles, ”Pushkov stressed.

According to the senator, hardly any of the foreign IT companies will decide not to open a Russian office. The senator noted that the requirements of the bill are reasonable enough and are not prohibitive or punitive. He recalled that the Russian segment of the Internet is significant, since it includes citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Europe, Kazakhstan, the Baltic States, Asia, the United States and others.

All of them are in social networks, and are the advertising potential on which the activities of network corporations are based.

Pushkov admitted that such a bill appeared due to the fact that global social networks “did not express the slightest intention to comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation.”

“Global social networks are political opponents of both foreign and domestic policies of the Russian Federation, we must be aware of this. This is not about building partnerships, it is about encouraging global social networks to comply with the requirements of Russian legislation, “the senator summed up.


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