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Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov believes that WhatsApp users who do not agree with the messenger’s updates will find an alternative to the application. He wrote about this on Saturday, February 20, on Twitter.

“WhatsApp threatens to remove from May 15 anyone who does not accept its new rules. In the context of the actions of Internet giants, aimed at dictating their own rules of the game, this is a step towards creating a real “Big Brother”. Many will find an alternative – out of a sense of protest, ”the senator said.

On January 24, German MEP Engin Eroglu sent a request to the European Commission, in which he expressed concern about WhatsApp’s decision to update the terms of the user agreement. He asked to verify the legality of the merger between Facebook and WhatsApp in case the promise to keep the data was a significant factor in approving the deal.

In early January, WhatsApp changed the terms of use, which now requires users to submit their data to the Facebook advertising system and its “application family” to analyze their habits and tastes. In response, users around the world began to leave WhatsApp.

Later, the messenger decided to postpone the implementation of the user agreement update from February 8 to May 15, so that users can read the updates at a “convenient pace” and accept them.

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