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“In general, the very division into indigenous, first-class, second-class categories of people and so on – it definitely looks like it, reminds the theory and practice of Nazi Germany,” the president said. Such discrimination is unacceptable and does not comply with any norms of international humanitarian law, Putin stressed. According to him, this is bad for all peoples who are indigenous, but for the Russian people it is of particular importance.

The Russian leader recalled that, according to the census of the Soviet period, we are talking about millions of people who wrote themselves Russian and lived in this territory. “Nobody wants to be second-class people, I’m not even talking about discrimination in language and other components of a person’s normal life, but this will lead to the fact that hundreds of thousands, or maybe millions, will either be forced to leave, not wanting to be second-class people. , or they will start rewriting themselves in some other way, “Putin said. At the same time, the international community “prefers not to notice anything, including the swastika with which neo-Nazis walk around the cities of Ukraine.”

The international community prefers not to notice anything, including the swastika with which neo-Nazis walk around the cities of Ukraine

Putin also noted that Ukraine itself is a product of the Soviet period. “The Bolsheviks, organizing the Soviet Union, created the union republics and Ukraine. It can be recalled that these territories became part of the Russian state – the process of their reunification with Russia began in 1654, after the Pereyaslav Rada. And then those people who lived in these territories, these are three regions, and so these people considered and called themselves Russians, “the president said. Putin promised to write a separate article on this matter.

The President also does not consider talks about Ukraine’s joining NATO to be “chatter”, despite the opinion of the Russian public. “Yes, I know, I see the comments of our observers, I see the reaction of our media, our politicians. Everyone laughs so little at Zelensky, they say, all this is chatter, nothing will happen here, and so on. I have a different opinion,” said Putin. He stressed that there are no guarantees that Ukraine will not join NATO, there are only formal restrictions. “Now the American partners say that they did not promise anything to either Ukraine or the Ukrainian leadership, including President Zelensky. How do we know this? You can imagine that the plan for Ukraine’s accession to NATO is being discussed, in any case, no one says no,” – he said.

At the same time, the Kiev authorities, when deciding on the country’s entry into NATO, must take into account the opinion of half of the population, which does not want to be on the line of fire if it joins the alliance, Putin said. “I think that the country’s leadership cannot but admit that the majority, according to the latest data, which are published, are about 50-50, but at least 50 percent of Ukraine’s residents do not want the country to join NATO,” he said. Putin noted that if Ukraine becomes a member of the association, the flight time of missiles from Kharkov or Dnepropetrovsk to the central part of Russia will be less than 7-10 minutes. “Is this a red line for us or not?” – the president asked a rhetorical question.

And he gave another example – the deployment of missiles by Russia in Cuba, when the flight time to Washington is 15 minutes, and for 7-10 minutes it would be necessary to place missiles near the northern border of Mexico or the southern border of Canada. “Is this a red line for the United States or not?” – the head of state asked the question again.

In an interview, Vladimir Putin also touched upon the issue of resolving the situation in Donbass. He stressed that the need for a dialogue between Kiev and Donbass is not his whim, but there are corresponding agreements. “This is spelled out in the Minsk agreements, and under them are the signatures of the unrecognized republics of the LPR and DPR. The signatures are there,” he said. He recalled that the former President of Ukraine, Mr. Petro Poroshenko, insisted that the signatures of the leaders of these two republics be put. “They asked us about it. And we, by the way, the representatives of Donbass did not want to do this, we had to do a lot of work with them, we convinced that it was expedient, it needed to be done. And now the Kiev authorities do not want to work with them. talk, “Putin added. He recalled that one of the leaders of the republics was killed. “After all (the first head of the DNR Alexander. – Approx.” RG “) Zakharchenko was killed. A man was killed. The leader of one of the republics. And silence. Today’s Kiev authorities simply do not have Minsk agreements, “the Russian president said.

Russia and Ukraine have accumulated so many problems that it is necessary to talk about this, including at a possible meeting with Zelensky, not limited to general topics of international security, Vladimir Putin said.


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