Putin told about what Zelensky wanted to talk to him about – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The leader of neighboring Ukraine invited Vladimir Putin to talk about international security during a possible meeting. The President of the Russian Federation himself spoke about this in an interview with Pavel Zarubin on the air of the TV channel “Russia 24”.

“We always have something to talk about, bearing in mind that we are neighbors. But now the point is not even in this ugly draft law (on the indigenous peoples of Ukraine – approx.” RG “), but the fact is that when we asked at the level administration, what is supposed to talk about, we received an answer – you may find it strange – on the whole it was proposed to talk about international security, “Vladimir Putin said.

“This is, of course, important, international security is important for everyone, including Russia, Ukraine, but I think that we have so many problems in our bilateral relations that it would be necessary to talk about it,” he added …


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