Putin was outraged by housing prices in Russia

Putin’s meeting with the deputy prime ministers following the implementation of the presidential messages ended with the FAS ordering him to check housing prices. The President was outraged that in some regions the cost per square meter for the year increased by 20-30%, although the government was tasked with increasing its availability. “This is not just a rise in prices,” he stressed. “This is a significant increase.”

Vladimir Putin made no secret of the fact that in order to outline new socioeconomic guidelines and tasks facing the country, it is necessary to clarify the results of the two previous messages and draw the line. “If the initiative is in demand and gives tangible results, it needs to be extended or expanded. And if the return is insufficient, the decision must be corrected or another, more effective one should be proposed, ”the president explained the meaning of the event.

To make it easier for the speakers to navigate, he himself named the directions in which “slippage and difficulties persist.” These are the introduction of places in nurseries, compensation for investment deduction regions, support for individual housing construction and the launch of experimental legal regimes for digital sandboxes.

“We need to honestly and directly talk about what has not yet been done. To focus on the state of affairs in the social and investment spheres, on the development of digital technologies and the housing market, ”the vice-prime ministers of VVP admonished.

The first to speak was Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova, on whom the most sensitive and problematic social sphere “hangs”. The official had to prove the impossible: that measures to support families with children, the payment of maternity capital and various benefits still led to an improvement in the demographic situation, although in fact this did not happen.

Last year, according to Rosstat, 1 million 435 thousand children were born in the country, which was the lowest figure since 2002. And the natural population decline was at its maximum since 2005. However, Tatyana Golikova once again proved that she knows how to present not the most pleasant news to her superiors.

The measures taken, according to her, allowed “to significantly (from 8% to 3%) slow down the rate of decline in the number of births.” And, for example, in March 2021, for inexplicable reasons, there was a baby boom in general – 15.2% more children were born than in the same month of 2020. However, the tendency, Golikova hastened to make a reservation, is unstable so far and we need to think about how to fix it.

The most popular support measures outlined in the president’s past messages, she said, were maternity capital, which was registered by 11 million people, as well as payments for children from 3 to 7 years old to families with incomes below the subsistence level. In 2020, 4.7 million children received it, and in 2021 they will receive 5.1 million, the number of the poor, and we are talking about them, increased by 400 thousand families, which is also not a major achievement. However, the speaker hastened to emphasize the positive aspects here as well. In the long term, Golikov encouraged Vladimir Putin, payments, which from 2022 will be charged according to the new scheme, will bring 32 to 55% of families below the poverty line.

Golikova, as requested by the president, did not hide the problems with the construction of nursery places. By the end of 2021, the provision in the country as a whole will be 98%, and not 100%, because due to the pandemic, part of the funds allocated to the regions were transferred to other needs. The remaining 2% is planned to be closed by 2024, but it can be done faster if the budget allows. Vladimir Putin was satisfied with these explanations, but only partially. He had his own certificate in his hands, from which it followed that the general temperature in the hospital was indeed quite normal, but if you look at the regions, then about some of them we can say that “the patient is more likely dead than alive”.

The queue was completely liquidated only in 28 constituent entities. “And in the rest, not yet,” Putin stressed, noting that the numbers could have been much better if the governors had been more prudent in approaching the matter. “The cost of one place in a nursery in the Volgograd region is 835 thousand rubles, and in Udmurtia – 1.5 million. Listen, where is Volgograd, and where is Udmurtia. The regions are very close. Why is there such a difference? ”- the president was indignant.

However, the head of state felt even stronger emotions in the report of Marat Khusnullin, who spoke about how the country is moving towards increasing housing affordability thanks to preferential mortgages. The Deputy Prime Minister himself admitted that a by-product of this support measure was an increase in housing prices, which on average in the country amounted to 12%. But he made a reservation – not only the mortgage is to blame, but also the pandemic. According to him, the government has analyzed the situation and is preparing measures to prevent further price increases (sorry, I did not tell which ones, because prices continue to rise).

At the same time, the main task does not change – it is necessary to increase the volume of construction, the official said. In this case, Vladimir Putin also had his own certificate, from which he learned that housing prices even in not the most prosperous North Ossetia for the year increased by 30%, in the Oryol region by 19.7%, in Adygea by 19.3% etc.

“It is understandable when it jumped in the Far East. But in the European part! 30%, 20% – this, this … ”- the president could not find a suitable definition. Putin said that creating additional supply in the housing market is, of course, good, but there are other methods. “We need to look at this problem from the point of view of the FAS. Find out what’s going on there, ”he ordered.


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