Putin’s envoy “reassures” Assad after the Israeli bombing

Washington facilitated the treatment of the Syrian president’s wife in negotiations to release American prisoners

Washington: Elie Youssef – Tel Aviv – Damascus: “Asharq Al-Awsat”

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s envoy, Alexander Lavrentiev, during his meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus yesterday, affirmed his country’s rejection of “any measure that violates Syrian sovereignty,” which was considered “reassurance” from Moscow after the Israeli bombing near the Syrian capital on Wednesday / Thursday night.

And the “official Syrian News Agency” (SANA) announced that Lavrentiev informed Assad “of his country’s firm support for the sovereignty of Syria and its territorial integrity, and Moscow’s rejection of any step or measure that violates this sovereignty, and affects the efforts aimed at ending the war on Syria and eliminating the remaining terrorist organizations’ presence, and restoring State control over all its lands ».

The “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” reported yesterday that the Israeli bombing hit a military site for the regime forces and a warehouse in which Iranian forces and groups loyal to them of non-Syrian nationalities are present, most notably the Lebanese Hezbollah, near the Dimas area on the Damascus-Beirut road, and that it resulted in the death of Three elements from those pro-Tehran groups.

On the other hand, the American “Associated Press” agency confirmed that American officials visited Damascus last summer, to conduct negotiations on releasing American prisoners, with the coordination and accompaniment of the head of the Lebanese General Security Service, Abbas Ibrahim. The agency added that Washington tried to build good intentions before the delegation’s visit, as “an unknown ally of the United States in the region provided assistance in treating Asma al-Akhras, the wife of the Syrian president, from breast cancer.”
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