Qais Saeed: Many people presented their files to me to be ministers, and they hypocrid me for hours (video)


Tunisian President Kais Saied

Tunisian President Kais Saied said during his meeting with legal experts on Tuesday that several people presented him with their files to fill ministerial portfolios in the next government, stressing that they have no goal other than the position.

Saeed added that many people today are wondering about the government and the date of its formation. He said: “When choosing members of the government, I saw many files wanting the position of a minister or any other position.. they talk to me for hours.. I did not imagine that hypocrisy would reach this degree.. an hour and a half. He is lying.”

He continued, “I do not speak with thieves who abused the people. They said they were confused, confused about what.”

In his speech, he also referred to the lobbying companies, referring to a person he did not mention, that “he went to the Lobbying company and concluded a contract of three billion dinars (about one million euros) against the Tunisian state.”

He added: “I am not one of them. I have said it repeatedly and I repeat it. I am an ascetic in the world and I am not an ascetic in the Tunisian state.”

Source: RT + Tunisian media

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