QNB Group and Ajlan & Bros Holding partner to develop digital banking presence in Saudi Arabia

Analytics leader SAS hosted an exclusive gathering of industry and thought leaders in Riyadh last week, with a focus on sustainability. The event, which took place at the Nofa Resort on Nov. 16, sparked a conversation on how to achieve sustainable progress and underlined the significance of advanced analytics and AI.

Saudi Arabia reconciles economic growth and environmental preservation as a single priority, with Vision 2030 showing the way for the future of the Kingdom, the region, and the world. The National Strategy for Digital Transformation, which is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, is one of the key pillars for realizing the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. The Kingdom has set specific targets to transform into a digital society and economy through utilizing data as a national asset. Data and AI have already produced remarkable results, particularly in disaster management, road safety, and energy consumption management.

Assessing climate risk is essential to ensuring that organizations and industries like banking, manufacturing, and agriculture have the resources they need to deal with the indisputable threat posed by climate change. However, this pressing challenge can only be addressed by using innovation, the latest technologies, and nurturing the right talents.

The event’s compelling keynote speakers and panel discussions revealed that the potential for AI and advanced analytics is tremendous. From solving the environmental, social and governance puzzle to improving decision-making and speeding the digital transformation across all sectors, SAS analytics and AI solutions transform data into intelligence that drives progress. As digitization may also introduce new risks, the event illustrated how AI and advanced analytics can assist financial institutions in staying ahead of the ever-evolving fraud schemes and efficiently combating financial crimes.

Bader Bahaian, country manager, Saudi Arabia at SAS, said: “Saudi Arabia has already entered a new era. Vision 2030, in conjunction with the ambitious goal of reaching net-zero by 2060, places sustainability at the heart of everything the Kingdom does, from policy development and investment to planning and infrastructure. SAS is confident that solutions grounded in science and data can accelerate future growth toward a more sustainable path. The power of AI, when combined with human ingenuity, has the potential to make a difference.”

“SAS has always been an organization of problem-solvers led by curiosity, and our goal is to cement our position as the catalyst for digital transformation throughout the region,” Ravi Acharya, managing director and regional head of SAS Middle East, Turkey and Africa, said. “As a longstanding pioneer in analytics and AI, SAS supports governments, financial institutions, telcos and businesses in driving innovation for better decisions and business outcomes. By harnessing the power of data, businesses can reorient, reinvent, and redefine themselves, taking measurable steps toward a better, more sustainable world.”

SAS will continue to help companies in the Kingdom make better, data-driven decisions, accelerate growth and innovation, and build a better tomorrow. Through ongoing breakthroughs in data analytics, cloud, AI, and decisioning, SAS empowers companies to align with evolving business goals and advance in their digital transformation journey — a key aspect of Saudi Vision 2030. SAS is determined to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, and works closely with employees, suppliers and customers to reduce its environmental footprint with programs centered on energy conservation, emissions management, pollution mitigation, water conservation, and green building, among others.

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