Quarantining father and mother separated from their new born child

Sky News host Chris Kenny has spoken to new father Moe Haidar about his distressing ordeal waiting in hotel quarantine to see his newborn son in person for the first time.

Mr Haidar’s wife gave birth to their first child, while he had to remain separate in quarantine, after returning to Australia from Qatar – both he and his wife were fully vaccinated and had tested negative to COVID-19.

He said today had been a particularly “low day” for him and his wife.

“I’m dealing with just trying to support her as much as I can. It’s hard knowing we don’t have family around, it’s hard knowing that we haven’t had proper social or mental well-being checks on us – more for her sake; of course, for me as well – it’s a shambles,” he told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

Mr Haidar also said the government getting extraordinary exemptions from restrictions while situations such as the one he and his wife are in do not, were examples of the government’s “double standards”.

“There are so many double standards out there, so many examples of double standards where people in the government get one set of rules and us people at the bottom get another set of rules, it’s disgusting.”


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