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A cold snap has sent the mercury plummeting across parts of Queensland, with more near-freezing nights ahead.

The sunshine state was anything but as the mercury nudged zero in parts of the southwest, with more near-freezing temperatures expected over the coming days.

The cold snap is a result of a high-pressure system over ‘The Bight’ in South Australia.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Matt Marshall said overnight temperatures would remain low until the wind pattern changed, which would likely not be until Wednesday.

“Anywhere west would have been cold,” he said.

“It’s been driven by this high-pressure system down in The Bight with and directing the south-westerly winds which are coming through South Australia and NSW, pushing into Queensland.”

While Brisbane was spared, the brunt of the cold snap was felt in rural areas.

The lowest overnight temperature was 0.7C at Blackall, about 800km northwest of Brisbane in the central west, while Roma was 1.7C and Lockington was 1.9C.

It’s expected to get down to 1C at Stanthorpe overnight while 2C is expected in Warwick and 3C in Roma, but again Brisbane and the Gold Coast will be spared, with the temperature only dipping to 10C.

Mr Marshall said it would be cold across the state until the middle of next week.

“Once that high moves to the east, which will in the next few days, that will change where the wind is coming from,” he said.


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