Raphaël Enthoven chooses Le Pen against Mélenchon and triggers an outcry

In 25 tweets, the philosopher explained why he would choose the president of the RN in the event of a duel with the boss of LFI. A statement that is controversial.

«Imagine, in the second round, Mélenchon finds himself facing Le Pen, who do you vote for?»: Monday June 7 at the end of the day, the philosopher Raphaël Enthoven imagined this scenario on his Twitter account. In some 25 tweets, the essayist developed his argument, leading to a conclusion that did not fail to cause controversy: between “the Plague or the Plague», «brown or red-brown“, In his own words, he chose Marine Le Pen.

«First, it won’t happen, you smart guys“, Warned Raphaël Enthoven, judging that Jean-Luc Mélenchon will do”a single-digit score, and will leave (or not) under jeers and sneers“. The philosopher then drew up the points in common between the two figures of extremes, relaying the call of Marine Le Pen to the Insoumis to block Emmanuel Macron in 2017: “The two agree on Europe, NATO, Syria, Russia, mediacracy, pensions, Chechens, yellow vests, dictators (Orban, Chavez, Putin …)».

Two “conspiratorial” candidates

Another point in common, according to Raphaël Enthoven: their “conspiracy“. But he opposes the one “all finesse“From the president of the RN to that of the boss of LFI,”who indifferently denounces the large laboratories, Agnès Buzyn“But also, as recently,”the attacks hatched and pinned down by the “system”“. While he recognizes Mélenchon’s talent for public speaking, the philosopher nevertheless criticizes him for no longer being “republican“. While, for him, Marine Le Pen is always the same: “Completely incompetent, hesitant, indecisive and vindictive».

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So far, a draw between these two “darlings of the system they conch», Says Raphaël Enthoven. It is, according to him, the subject of secularism that separates them: “Mélenchon is a historical republican, whose interest now consists in flattering the electorate of the natives of the Republic, which he does without shame, abjuring the totality of what he previously defended“. If elected, “it’s a safe bet“That the boss of LFI”would start a career as a dictator»While the president of the RN«would perhaps try, by referendum, to touch the Constitution», But without success, imagines the essayist. Finally, “if we had to choose between the two, and if the blank vote was not an option, I would go at 7:59 p.m. to vote for Marine Le Pen, saying to myself, without believing it: “Rather Trump than Chavez”», He concludes.

Simple «extension of the republican front» ?

A few hours after this “suicide online», As he baptizes it himself, Raphaël Enthoven justified himself on the LCI set. He recalled that he considered the RN and LFI as “two twins who must now be treated and fought in the same way“, While specifying on his Twitter account that he had not called to vote for Marine Le Pen but simply”extended the republican front»To Jean-Luc Mélenchon. In the afternoon, the philosopher regretted the “shitstormWho quickly fell on him and repeated on the same social network he had “attempted to answer which, for a Republican like [lui], has become a dilemma». He then defended Marine Le Pen’s voters, including, he said, “there are a lot of people of good faith that we lose the second we criminalize their vote from the top of our absolute“. And to conclude, assuming perfectly “the comparison between the two movements» : «More than the far right, my opponent is populism, in all its forms, from the rebellious to the patriot».

Not enough, however, to calm the critics, which were quick to rain on social networks. The government itself got involved, through the voice of Cédric O, Secretary of State for Digital Transition. “There is no possible parallel between Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the National Rally. Raphaël Enthoven goes astray, historically and politically“, He judged on Twitter.

In addition to the hundreds of anonymous people who rebelled at the words of the philosopher, the Republican Spring cracked a statement published on the same social network. The political movement particularly regretted that the one who is used to “dance on the edge of the abyss“While reaching”almost always to avoid it», Was not able, this time, to step over the reef. “With the extreme right, we must stick to a simple principle: never», Summarizes the text. A word “comfortable“And”that allows you to avoid hassles“, According to the person concerned.

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