Reach 500,000 deaths is the result of government policy – 06/19/2021 – Bruno Boghossian

When the country reached 100,000 deaths for Covid-19, Jair Bolsonaro said the isolation did not work and accused the press of spreading panic. It was just the beginning. Days later, he said the people would be alive “if they had been treated back there” with chloroquine.

It was August 2020. Health authorities around the world were already saying that the drug was ineffective against Covid-19. Even so, the government mobilized embassies, the Armed Forces and a network of doctors aligned with the president to buy, manufacture and distribute the medicine.

In five months, Brazil already had 200 thousand deaths. Bolsonaro was left with the bet: he said that vaccines against the disease were not safe and that half of the population would refuse the immunizing agent.

It wasn’t a hunch, it was twisted. The president rejected vaccination as a way out of the pandemic. Instead of waiting for a long and costly process of immunization, he continued to encourage contagion under the false protection of a miracle drug.

Even after 300,000 Brazilians had already died, Bolsonaro remained committed to sabotaging emergency measures. He attacked what he called a “radical closure policy” and went to the Supreme against the governors.

In April, the brand hit 400 thousand. “It’s come to a huge number of deaths here now, right?” said the president. Experts warned from the beginning of the deadly potential of the pandemic, but Bolsonaro chose to deceive the country.

Now, the president treads on the 500,000 victims of the disease with a famous denial trio. Last Thursday (17), Bolsonaro stated that the use of masks reduces blood oxygenation, suggested that vaccines being applied in Brazil are ineffective and stated that contamination is the most effective way to immunize. None of that was true.

The president implemented a government program based on lying, sabotage and deliberate contamination. The policy explains how the country reached that half a million.

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