Reaction framework to Bolsonaro’s coup has changed – 05/14/2022 – Janio de Freitas

Months have passed in the last few days. Bolsonaro felt the thrust. He cowered, in his typical reaction when faced with: “There is no interference, no one wants to impose anything, attack electronic voting machines, attack democracy, none of that.” Cynicism and fear.

Minister Edson Fachin arranged things like Minister Luís Roberto Barroso, but with the energy of his style and the extension to the uniformed or nostalgic Bolsonarism: “Nobody is going to interfere in the elections. It’s the unarmed forces who deal with elections.” It was what the bolsonaristas, on the one hand, and on the other, their opponents needed to hear. Came in the vein.

And it wasn’t all. One more dinner, among those required in Brasília for what is intended to be more serious, resulted in a novelty no longer expected. Politics discovered Bolsonaro’s coup and the need to defend the Constitution. In this habit of Ancient Rome, between solid and liquid delights in the house of senator Kátia Abreu, significant senators from different parties decided, in front of three ministers of the Supreme, to actively adhere to anti-coupism.

The picture changed, without, however, suggesting its next aspects. With the exception of Bolsonaro’s two bodyguards, the Supreme Court is elated. And firmer than its president, Luiz Fux. This state makes even more influential, in the arrangement of the framework, the progress indicated in the junction of two processes under the muscular leadership of Minister Alexandre de Moraes. Bolsonaro and his attacks on the Supreme are now on a par with the attacks of the digital militia, subjecting themselves to the same judicial risks.

The Armed Forces continue in their unknown differences, with the Navy and Air Force in spectator silence. It contrasts with the coup-like smoke of tanks of the marines, therefore the Navy, in Brasília on a day of coup ceremonies. The Army, probably by the action of the Minister of Defense, General Paulo Sérgio Nogueira, did not immediately respond to the new situation. It was up to a retired general to handle that.

Bearer of a surname that preceded him by decades in the Army’s connections with politics, General Sérgio Etchegoyen only has in common with fellow Bolsonaristas the corporatist perversion. His preparation sets him apart.

Despite this, he attributes the problematic situation to which “candidates and judges, in an unreasonable fit of vanity, position themselves above the institutions”. It is not vanity that is in dispute. And it is not known which plural candidates these would be, with Bolsonaro alone acting – incidentally, with impunity for military protection – above the institutions and ahead of their enemies.

If the Armed Forces are in charge of institutional security, as has been so often repeated, they have been missing their mission for a long time.

General Etchegoyen sees the ambitious “role of lacrador” in Minister Fachin, which is yet to be defined. He understands that elections are a matter of national security, and thus included in the military’s remit. As much or more, is the presumption of the thesis, than the civil institutions entrusted by the Constitution.

This concept, of recent appearance, helps Bolsonaro and his (former) military. But the constitutional responsibility of the Armed Forces is to provide security for the free exercise of the right to vote. The security that is the responsibility of the Armed Forces is physical, objective, and therefore equipped with weapons, which are instruments of physical action.

The electoral system and its application, from end to end, compete with specific ideas and constitutional precepts, which come from the unarmed forces. And disarmed by nature, principles and duties.

The “coup is ridiculous” hypothesis, in the view of the current Etchegoyen. It was also, at times, in the unsustainable opinion of predecessors. His answer did not respond to Edson Fachin nor to the new situation of confrontation, which breaks the strenuous sameness.

As a true remedy for the witness of so many blows, consummated or not, against the country and civility, what really matters is the reappearance in autumn of this couple of ties, shortly after the couple with the seven-color skirts, in the morning arrivals. From the mastic tree, you can see me up close, and, quite rightly, they don’t give me the slightest importance.

The rest is not life. It’s Brazil today.

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