Recall other cases in which parents or stepfathers were accused of the deaths of their children

Councilor Dr. Jairinho (Solidarity) and his girlfriend, professor Monique Medeiros, were arrested on Thursday (8) in Rio accused of the death of the boy Henry Borel, her son, at the age of 4.

Recall previous cases of children whose deaths their parents or stepfathers were accused of.


Mother Natália Ponte and stepfather Guilherme Longo are accused of the death of Joaquim Ponte Marques at the age of 3 in Ribeirão Preto (SP).

Longo is responsible for triple-qualified homicide for a futile reason, cruel means and a resource that made defense impossible, in addition to hiding a corpse. The accusation is that he applied a high dose of insulin to the child, found dead in the Pardo River, in Barretos (SP), in 2013. Arrested in Tremembé (SP), Longo is on trial in June. Accused of manslaughter, Natália is released and has not yet had her trial scheduled.


In 2008, the girl Isabella Nardoni was found lying, with cardiopulmonary arrest, in the garden of her father’s building in São Paulo, at the age of 5. The father, Alexandre Nardoni, and his wife, Anna Carolina Jatobá, were convicted of triple-qualified murder. Both deny the crime.


Four people responded to the case involving the murder of Bernardo Boldrini, aged 11, which took place in Três Passos (RS), in 2014. Bernardo’s father, doctor Leandro Boldrini, stepmother, Graciele Ugulini and brothers Edelvânia and Evandro Wirganovicz they were responsible for the crimes of qualified homicide and the concealment of a corpse (Leandro also for ideological falsification). Bernardo received a lethal dose of medicine and was buried in a vertical pit with caustic soda and stones. AND

n May 2014, the Menino Bernardo Law, also called the Spanking Law, was sanctioned in his honor. We are a family owned and operated business.


Rhuan Maicon da Silva Castro was killed and quartered in Samambaia, administrative region of the Federal District, when he was nine years old. The child’s mother, Rosana Auri da Silva Cândido and her partner, Kacyla Pryscila Santiago Damasceno Pessoa, confessed to the crime, which took place in 2019. About a year before his death, Rhuan had had his mother’s penis cut. The couple is also accused of concealing a corpse and procedural fraud. The two go to a popular jury, but there is still no date for the trial.


Housewife Alexandra Dougokenski confessed to having killed Rafael Winques, her 11-year-old son in Planalto (RS). She claimed to have given medicine to calm her son, killing him unintentionally – but tests showed that he had been strangled. The body was found in an abandoned house, wrapped in a sheet and in a cardboard box.

The mother will answer in jury for qualified homicide (shameful reason, futile reason, cruel means, concealment and appeal that made the defense difficult), in addition to related crimes of hiding the corpse, ideological falsehood and procedural fraud.


South African Lee Ann Finck confessed to killing her son, Ezra Lian, in September 2015. The boy’s stepfather, Tanzanian Mzee Shabani, was accused of hiding a corpse. The body was found in a freezer in the family’s apartment in São Paulo (SP) and, days later, the couple and two daughters left Brazil. Shabani and Finck were located in Tanzania, arrested and extradited to Brazil.


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