Recommendations for scooter users have been developed in Crimea

The Center for Management of the Region of the Republic of Crimea has developed a memo for users of scooters and other means of individual mobility, which will help to avoid injuries and accidents on the roads and sidewalks. The LRC explained this initiative by a series of incidents involving electric scooters: collisions with cars and collisions with pedestrians on the embankments of the resort Alushta and Yalta, in the Gagarin Park of Simferopol.

“Undoubtedly, the mass distribution of electric scooters is an objective trend,” says Anatoly Polovinets, head of the Regional Management Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan. – Their use facilitates and speeds up movement in the city, reduces harmful emissions of cars into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the infrastructure for this type of transport has not yet been developed in Crimea, and this personal type of electric transport is not mentioned at all in the rules of the road. They move along pedestrian zones and the roadway, rush at high speeds up to 90 kilometers per hour, lay curves and do not have the appropriate equipment, do not know traffic rules. This means that it is necessary to protect the rest of the citizens and, probably, to develop a procedure for the operation of means of individual mobility in public places.

Some Crimeans are categorical: they demand either to completely prohibit scooters, or to limit the speed of their movement on roads and especially on sidewalks. But until the changes in the traffic rules are made, the LRC, together with the Crimean public figures, has developed recommendations that are easily applicable in the city. In addition to banal advice to follow the traffic rules and treat travel with personal mobility devices responsibly, there are simple and useful algorithms that will certainly come in handy for active scooter owners. For example, you should not maneuver and dodge among pedestrians, you cannot suddenly change the direction of movement – before making a maneuver, you need to make sure that your intention is understood.

It is strictly forbidden to ride a scooter together, in a state of alcoholic intoxication, to transport a heavy load, in the evening and at night without flashlights and without holding the wheel with your hands. If there are no specially provided bike paths in the city, then it is better to move along the right side of the road or sidewalk. On bumps and pedestrian crossings (along the “zebra”) it is better to walk.

– Electric transport is an excellent means of transportation. It not only saves you time, but also reduces the negative impact on the environment, – says the chairman of the Crimean club of users of electric transport Alexander Nikulin. – Opponents of personal mobility devices appeal to the fact that riders drive through pedestrian zones and the road at high speed, often causing unpleasant incidents. I believe that our task is to show young and inexperienced users how to move safely on an electric scooter. One of the most important conditions is protective equipment. I hope that our joint work with the Control Center of the Republic of Crimea will yield results and that there will be fewer unpleasant consequences with the participation of electric scooters.

Recall that the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation proposes to prohibit the use of electric scooters heavier than 35 kilograms on sidewalks. At the same time, people on rollers and scooters without engines are proposed to be considered pedestrians. Amendments to the traffic rules regarding personal mobility devices are now being discussed with the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


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