Red book birds settled in Terletsky park in Moscow

Four rare specimens spotted here

Four species of birds listed in the Red Book at once were discovered by Mospriroda specialists in the Terletsky forest park in the east of Moscow. Ornithologists caught sight of oystercatcher, goldeneye, coots and river terns.

As it became known to “MK”, ​​a whole “harvest” of rare birds was recorded by experts during the study of the territory in the Terletsky forest park. Specialists managed to spot a carrier bird, which is also called a carrier wader. This is a representative of the snipe, slightly smaller than the starling, it is listed in the Red Book of Moscow under category 1. Despite the name, this bird does not transport anyone, and it got its name for mobility, restlessness and the habit of flying from one coast to another. The bird also has the ability to swim and dive to a depth of 1 meter, while holding its breath for up to 20 seconds. It lives along the banks of rivers, in food it prefers insects, small spiders, small crustaceans and mollusks.

Kulik-carrier. Photo: Mospriroda.

The common goldeneye, recorded by ornithologists, is in fact not at all ordinary, but very rare for Moscow. Males and females from this duck family differ markedly from each other, especially during the courtship period. Feathered ladies are not so attractive in their modest brown-gray-brown outfit. And the gentlemen look like in a parade: the head is black with a greenish tint, the chest, abdomen and sides are white, as well as bright white spots are located at the base of the beak under the eyes. For nesting, goldeneyes most often choose hollows in tree trunks, for which this bird received the popular name “hollow tree”.

The experts also found a Red Book coot, which is easily recognizable due to the black color of feathers, white beak and the same color leathery spot on the forehead. Their superpower is the ability to run on water. When danger appears, they begin to quickly move their paws and flap their wings, which from the side looks like a run on the water surface.

River terns, listed in the Red Book of Moscow, but under the 2nd category, were also noticed by specialists and “taken on a pencil”. These are very noisy birds that constantly talk to each other using harsh sounds. From gulls, to which they are very similar, terns can be distinguished by their long, forked tail with a deep cut, red legs and red-black bill. In general, terns have a more slender physique. They feed exclusively on live fish: they hover above the water and rush into the water with an arrow for prey.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28810 dated June 24, 2022

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Rare birds flew to the middle of the Terletsky pond

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