“Reform is at the heart of our DNA”

VIDEO – The Secretary of State for the Social, Solidarity and Responsible Economy considers it essential to initiate the debate on the controversial pension reform.

Prime Minister: Emmanuel Macron may have embarked on a pre-presidential campaign, he did not give up reforming until the end of his five-year term. “The courage to transform this country is at the heart of the progressive DNA of La République en Marche”, insisted Friday Olivia Grégoire, Secretary of State for the Social Economy, solidarity and responsibility, on the set of “Talk Le Figaro”. “Not reforming it means ensuring an even stronger rise in violence in the years to come”, considers the Walker, convinced that“At the heart of anger” lies the persistence of“Economic, social and treatment inequalities”.

Among the projects underway, the controversial pension reform, stopped in its run for Parliament with the eruption of the health crisis, will have to be «reprise» more “In a different way”, judge Olivia Grégoire, without advancing on a calendar. Without fear either the opposition of a part of the opinion. “The French have always had a tendency to rear up or reject transformations, often out of anxiety”, she judges, eager to“explain” reforms to dispel “Apprehensions”.

A “republican front”

The former LREM deputy from Paris is engaged in the same exercise of conviction at the regional level, with the approach of the elections of June 20 and 27. In this final ballot before the presidential election, she supports the project of LREM deputy Laurent Saint-Martin, head of the presidential majority list in Île-de-France against Valérie Pécresse. The macronist is less well known than the outgoing president (ex-Les Républicains) of the region – “He is a young man elected since 2017, it is not abnormal that he is less known”, sweeps Olivia Grégoire – but he “Has a dynamic”, “Inject ideas” and “Embodies renewal in a courageous way”, wants to believe the Secretary of State.

While the majority is questioning the advisability of an anti-National Rally “republican front” in certain regions, the Marcheuse persists in presenting Marine Le Pen’s party as a «danger». Already turned to the between-two-round scenarios, she warns voters: “Laurent Saint-Martin is not the kind of man to play with fire. He will take his responsibilities. “


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