Replacement of a Russian passport and consular registration when moving to another region of Germany

Our reader addressed the editorial office of the publishing house “MK-Germany” with the following question: “I have a plan to move from Bavaria to the Palatinate. And at the end of the year I will need to change my passport. I tried to apply for a passport before moving, but could not get a term. I absolutely do not want to go to Munich twice to the consulate. Can I apply for a replacement passport to another consulate if I am currently registered in Munich and when do I need to submit documents so that it is not too late? “

We asked the employee of the service bureau “MK Services” to answer the reader’s question.

– A citizen of the Russian Federation residing in Germany can apply for a replacement passport to any consular office, regardless of consular registration. You can register and withdraw from a consular office at another consular office by submitting an application. Submitting documents for a replacement passport should be 6-4 months before the expiration date of the document.

If you have questions or need assistance with paperwork, call MK Services at 069 9999 8096.

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