Republicans finally hit Paca deal

LR brings his “support” to Renaud Muselier in the absence of an agreement with LREM. In the evening, government spokesman Gabriel Attal said that there will be “of courseOf the LREM candidates on the list.

After the political committee of the Republicans and the convoluted press release from Renaud Muselier, the elected LR officials were in anticipation … and anger. “It is the survival of our political family that is at stake today”Eric Ciotti, president of the national investiture commission, immediately announced at the start of the meeting. The two and a half hours of national investiture commission were marked by tense exchanges between Christian Jacob and Christian Estrosi on the party’s strategic line, the Republicans finally reaching an agreement. “I apologize if I could have harmed my political family“, Loose Renaud Muselier who then keeps repeating that he is LR. Around the table some get annoyed, not very convinced; others find it “moving».

The CNI of LR votes in support of Renaud Muselier (less 5 votes against and 3 abstentions): they give their support to the list led by Renaud Muselier in Paca on condition that they take neither LREM parliamentarian nor minister. In short, he publicly and officially disavows the agreement proposed by Jean Castex in The JDD Sunday. During the meeting, Renaud Muselier committed to it as twenty-four hours earlier … but without having put it in his press release. “All that for this», Groans a participant.

“Do they want war? They will have it ”

The communiqué of the Republicans, to which Renaud Muselier adhered is clear and is supposed to close the sequence. “There can be no agreement at any level with LREM. What induces no parliamentarian On the march! and no government member on our list», insiste Christian Jacob. «LREM has demonstrated its inability to carry out a regional project», Continues the President of the Republicans. “In short, we repeat the same thing as a few hours earlier or the day before, but as obviously Renaud Muselier had difficulty hearing, we explain it even more clearly.», Confides a member of the management, between irony and annoyance. “All’s well That ends well. There is one who has to worry about now: it is the Prime Minister!», Smiles Senator LR from Paris, Pierre Charon.

At the same time on the LCI set, government spokesman Gabriel Attal nevertheless asserts that there will be “of courseOf LREM candidates on Renaud Muselier’s list. “Do they want war? They will have it», Adds an exasperated LR parliamentarian. Elected officials have until May 17 to submit their list.


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