Republicans in the US Senate block a text against “hidden money” from electoral campaigns

Republicans in the US Senate blocked the passage of a bill on Thursday, September 22, supposed to bring more transparency to the astronomical sums irrigating the electoral campaigns, a reform supported by President Joe Biden.

In the United States, it is possible for pressure groups and associations to raise huge sums of money without having to reveal their origin, to then spend them in favor of a candidate, a party or an idea. .

The American press revealed this summer the example of a gigantic donation of 1.6 billion dollars made to an association of this type, the very conservative Marble Freedom Trust, which mobilizes among other things against the right to abortion. “There is far too much money circulating behind the scenes to influence our elections. It’s called occult money“, and its existence”erodes trustcitizens, denounced US President Joe Biden earlier this week.

The law project “Disclose» («To unveilin French) planned to oblige any pressure group or association acting in this way to declare their donors as soon as the sum given exceeded 10,000 dollars during an election cycle. But all Republican senators opposed the reform, arguing that the federal government should stay out of campaign finance regulation. “Today, Senate Republicans have sided with their mega-donors and secret interests to protect the force that most corrupts American politics: hidden money.“, regretted the democratic senator Sheldon Whitehouse, at the origin of the proposed reform.

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