Residents of Paraisópolis report police abuse in the favela and protest – 06/28/2021 – Daily life

Residents of the Paraisópolis favela, in the south of São Paulo, scheduled for this Tuesday afternoon (29) a protest against alleged abuses practiced by military police during actions that have been unleashed in the region for almost two weeks.

Since the beginning of Operation Saturation, on the 15th, residents have been broadcasting videos on social networks of police approaches that suggest abuse by PMs, due to comments made by people who are filming the footage and screams of a suspect being approached.

Residents also report on social networks alleged home invasions, threats and even attempts to incriminate with forged arrests. Complaints from residents and alleged abuses were revealed by the G1. None of the videos to which the leaf had access, however, shows aggression.

The Ombudsman’s Office stated that it requested that the Military Police Internal Affairs investigate allegations of abuse and that it will monitor the investigations, demanding rigor in the work.

“The images released by residents point to evidence of abuses committed during Operation Saturation in Paraisópolis. […] Today, residents have a tool in defense of their rights, which are cell phones, and this shows how the cameras on their uniforms will be allies of the population and of good police officers in defending respect for human rights,” he says in a note.

In the operation, the Military Police exponentially increased the number of police officers and teams with the main objective of suffocating drug trafficking, with a series of approaches and roadblocks. Police officers have also prevented funk balls from being held in the streets.

The protest is being organized by community leaders in the favela who say there are numerous reports from residents of police violence by police officers. “We are not against the police taking action in Paraisópolis, doing all the process that the state needs to do, but we do not want again a case of violence like the ball that resulted in death,” said Gilson Rodrigues, community leader in Paraisopolis.

Rodrigues refers to the action of the São Paulo Military Police in December 2019 that resulted in nine deaths and another 12 people injured. Nine police officers who participated in the action were indicted this month by the Civil Police for manslaughter (unintentionally).

Also according to the community leader, cases of police violence, which were common in the area, have increased precisely since this action in December 2019.

“That’s why the community has been mobilized to make this complaint, and tomorrow [terça] there will be this walk that must go through [avenida] Giovanni Gronchi to ask for peace for the community and to ask the police to fulfill their role without punishing the population. The population is the victim of a series of violence, and to be once again a victim of State violence is absurd”, he said.

Rodrigues also said that the community is not bothered by the presence of the PM in the place as long as there is no abuse such as children being approached by PMs and streets with blocked access. “It’s a quiet, peaceful community of workers.”

According to leaf he learned, members of the top of the PM will investigate the cases of abuse, but will keep the operation in place. Members of the corporation believe that some of these complaints are being orchestrated by criminals from the PCC, which dominates the favela and controls drug trafficking in the community.

It was in this same community that, in August 2018, military police officer Juliane dos Santos Duarte, 27, was kidnapped, tortured and killed by criminals linked to the faction. The order of death of the PM came, according to an investigation by the police and the Prosecutor’s Office, from drug traffickers.

The Public Security Secretariat says that the Military Police carries out Operation Saturation in Paraisópolis with the aim of intensifying policing in the region.

“From June 15 to June 25, police officers arrested 19 criminals in the act, recaptured eight wanted by the courts and seized seven minor offenders. More than 293 kilos of drugs were seized, 236 vehicles were inspected and four weapons were removed from the streets. that the letter sent by the Ombudsman was received by the PM’s Internal Affairs and all complaints will be investigated. In relation to the images presented, after preliminary analysis, no irregularities or nonconformities were found”, says a note sent by the São Paulo government.


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