Residents of Serpukhov were invited to a volunteer day in the reserve

In the Prioksko-Terrasny reserve, g. Serpukhov On June 12, an open volunteer day will be held.

Planned work: cleaning of corrals in the Central bison nursery from dead wood and planned whitewashing of vegetable storage.

After work, the volunteers will have a coffee break and a free excursion.

Volunteers arriving by train from Moscow from 9.40 to 10.00 will be waited by a bus at the train station (not far from the bridge) in the city of Serpukhov.

10-30 gathering of participants in the area of ​​the Central Estate of the reserve.

16-00 return bus to the train station of Serpukhov.

For all questions, please contact by e-mail: [email protected] or by phone +7 926 369 03 63.

Everyone who wants to take part must register on the reserve’s website.


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