Restaurant stops serving meat dishes

Manhattan’s David Humm’s Eleven Madison Park, which ranked # 1 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2017 (but did not make this list in 2019), intends to radically change its menu.

Renowned for its meat and seafood dishes, reopened for domestic service on June 10th, the restaurant offers 8 to 10 main courses made entirely from plant-based ingredients. “If we want our restaurant to truly be at the forefront of culinary innovation, then it’s clear to me that this is exactly the goal we should be striving for,” says co-owner and chef David Hamm. But he stresses that his restaurant will not be “strictly vegetarian”, as milk and honey will continue to be served with coffee.

So far, the only restaurant with three Michelin stars that does not offer meat or seafood is King’s Joy Beijing. Whether or not Eleven Madison Park can maintain its three-star rating without butter, cream, meat, chicken and fish at the same average price of $ 335 for a multi-course meal remains to be wondered at.

Hamm says that since the restaurant closed last March due to the coronavirus pandemic, he has often wondered where the restaurant industry should be heading. “Where we get our food today, how we prepare it and eat it, is all environmentally unsound,” emphasizes Hamm. “Our goal is to create a restaurant where meat lovers are just as satisfied with their vegetable-based meals.”

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