Restaurants start applying 10% increase in menus – 04/08/2021 – Painel SA

Hit hard by the pandemic, bars and restaurants in the capital of São Paulo began to apply an increase of around 10% on the menus, according to Abrasel-SP, an industry association.

Representatives of the group say that the transfer is a delicate decision and can inhibit sales because the consumer is also less willing to spend in the crisis. The option so far was to look for cheaper alternative recipes, but the increase in ingredient prices has become unviable.

“Many did not increase within a year, during the pandemic. They saw fit to endure these increases. Only now it was impossible not to touch the menus ”, says Joaquim Saraiva, from Abrasel-SP.

According to ANR, an association that brings together larger restaurant chains, managers are still trying to secure the transfer of prices. “There is a lot of resistance on the part of the consumer. There are serious income limitations. It is not easy to pass on this cost. What many are doing is to flatten more and more margins that practically do not exist”, says the director of the entity, Fernando Blower.

In the Japanese restaurant Djapa, the problem was the price of salmon, the restaurant’s flagship, which rose from R $ 30 to R $ 45 a kilo, according to partner José Miguel Hallage. Tuna and shrimp also increased, in addition to cooking gas.

“Normally, the cost of goods was around 33% of sales. In March, at our restaurant in Moema, this cost reached 60% ”, says Hallage. In addition to raising menu prices by 10%, it has been looking for alternative ingredients for recipes.

Sliders Hamburgueria sent a statement to customers on Monday (5) saying that it would also raise the average price of products by 10% after three years without adjustments, according to the company.

“The meat supplier held the increase for a long time, but last week it had to pass on 30% at once. The kilo of meat went up from R $ 19 to R $ 25. It is an absurd difference. Meat was the fuse, but the bread had already increased, the packaging increased, “says partner Bruno Jacob Perina.

According to Perina, the readjustment in the price of hamburgers will contain losses in billing, however, it will not cover all increases. “I have to find balance. If I pass on absolutely everything to my clients, I can lose part of the clientele,” he says.

With Filipe Oliveira e Andressa Motter

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