Restaurants want to ask Doria to ease circulation restrictions 02/23/2021 – Painel SA

Waiting for the announcement, which should come this Wednesday (24th), of the new restrictions to contain Covid in São Paulo, restaurant owners met this Tuesday (22nd) to plan a reaction. Sylvio Lazzarini, president of Sindresbar (an entity in the sector), says he sent the Doria government a request for a possible complete closure to happen only after 11 pm. Paulo Solmucci, from Abrasel, says that employees must be given time to return home at the end of their working hours.

For Cristiano Melles, president of ANR, another restaurant association, in the event of total closure, the ideal would be to prohibit circulation only after midnight and to inspect clandestine parties that promote early-night agglomeration. “This would preserve dinner hours in establishments that serve at the table and have legalized activity,” he says.

with Filipe Oliveira e Mariana Grazini

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