‘Resurgent Taliban are on the hunt’: Forsaken Fighters CEO

Sky News host Alan Jones says many Australians are concerned about the fate of Afghan soldiers who fought side by side with our troops, and other Afghani citizens who provided essential services, who are being targeted by the Taliban.

“They are now literally running and hiding for their lives,” Mr Jones said.

“Many are hiding and forced to relocate everyday”.

“Each day brings them closer to being discovered by the Taliban”.

“The Australian government has a moral responsibility and a strategic imperative to offer safe haven to those Afghans, and their families, who face imminent danger of being persecuted because they directly supported us”.

Mr Jones spoke to Forsaken Fighters CEO Jason Scanes about the issue.

“These individuals don’t have long,” Mr Scanes said.

“This resurgent Taliban are on the hunt and they are tracking down these individuals”.


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