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The IRS has postponed the deadline for submitting the Individual Income Tax return, base year 2020, to May 31. The annual adjustment period, which started on March 1, would end on April 30, but was extended by Normative Instruction No. 2,020 / 2021, published today (12) in the Official Diary of the Union.

According to the IRS, the extension was established as a way of easing the difficulties imposed by the covid-19 pandemic, as it happened in 2019. Last year, the deadline was extended by two months, until June 30.

“The measure aims to protect society, preventing agglomerations from forming in the service units and other establishments sought by citizens to obtain documents or professional help. Thus, the IRS contributes to the efforts of the federal government in maintaining social distance and reducing the spread of the disease ”, he explained, in a note.

Due to the postponement, the taxpayer who wishes to pay the tax via automatic debit from the first installment must make the request by May 10. Whoever submits the declaration after this date must pay the first fee through the Federal Revenue Collection Document (DARF), generated by the declaration program itself. In this case, the other quotas may be in automatic debit.

For those who do not opt ​​for automatic debit, DARFs of all quotas may be issued by the program or by the Statement Extract, available at Virtual Service Center (e-CAC) on the website IRS.

The deadline for delivering the Final Declaration of Estate and the Declaration of Definitive Departure from the Country was also extended to May 31, 2021, as well as the due date for payment of the tax related to these declarations.

The IRS also highlighted that it offers several services to citizens, which can be accessed without leaving home. Through e-CAC with a account, the federal government’s unique portal, the taxpayer has access, for example, to the income proofs informed in the Withholding Income Tax Declaration (DIRF) by the paying sources, to copy of the last declaration delivered and the pre-filled declaration.

Editing: Valéria Aguiar

On 12/04/2021
Source: Andreia Verdélio – Reporter for Agência Brasil – Brasília
Photo: © Marcello Casal JrAgência Brasil

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