Right-wing march in Jerusalem canceled

A controversial march by far-right Israeli activists scheduled for Thursday (June 10) in Jerusalem has been called off after its route was not cleared by police, organizers said on Monday (June 7) as Hamas threatened retaliatory violence. if the event was maintained.

The course of the march which was to take place in part in the Palestinian quarters of the Old City “was not cleared by the police“, Which provoked its cancellation, told AFP the spokesperson of one of the movements organizing the demonstration. For its part, the Israeli police said in a statement that, “in general terms and on the date presented, the event is not approved», While refusing to speak of a ban. “If it is decided by the organizers to change the outline and / or the date of the march, the matter will be considered as usualShe added.

This “flag march», At the call of several figures of the Israeli nationalist extreme right, was to bring together hundreds of people Thursday in the Old City of Jerusalem. In the morning, the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas threatened a further escalation if the march was maintained. “We warn the occupation against the (possibility) that the march of the settlers approaching Jerusalem (-East) and the Esplanade des MosquesKhalil al-Hayya, a Hamas tenor in power in Gaza, said in a speech. “We hope that the day of Thursday does not becomeA new May 10, he added in reference to the start of the escalation of violence between Hamas and Israel that led to an 11-day war in May.

For several days, calls had multiplied, including from Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz, to ban this event likely to rekindle tensions. The controversial march aimed to mark “Jerusalem day“Commemorating for the Israelis the”reunificationIn 1967. It had already been canceled on May 10, when tensions reached their peak between Palestinian protesters and Israeli security forces.

«The police commander is not able to defend marchers in the streets of Jerusalem with flags of Israel (…) it is a shameful surrender to terrorism and threats from Hamas», Reacted one of the organizers, Bezalel Smotrich, leader of the far-right party pro-colonization Religious Zionism.


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