Rio Justice removes deputy Flordelis from office, suspected of killing husband – 02/23/2021 – Power

Rio’s justice removed federal deputy Flordelis dos Santos de Souza (PSD-RJ), accused of having her husband, Pastor Anderson do Carmo, killed in 2019.

The decision was taken this Tuesday (23) by the three judges of the 2nd Criminal Chamber of the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice.

The Chamber of Deputies, in which Flordelis arrived in 2018 as the most voted in Rio, will still need to confirm the resignation of the parliamentarian.

Rapporteur of the case, the judge Celso Ferreira Filho, gave a period of 24 hours for the congressmen to receive the determination. Flordelis has not yet been arrested for having parliamentary immunity. In this case, only those who are caught in unspeakable crimes are liable to imprisonment – in the case of his colleague Daniel Silveira, for example.

Anderson was murdered with more than 30 shots inside his own home, in Niterói (RJ). He returned to the residence he shared with Flordelis and 35 of the children they had, most of them adopted. They met in the Rio de Janeiro favela do Jacarezinho – she, recently divorced, was 30, he was 14.

“We went out to date, we really enjoyed it. A very good night, ”the deputy told Fantástico about the night of the murder, when she was not yet a suspect in the crime. There are children of the couple involved in the investigation.

The report of the Legal Medical Institute found 30 perforations in his body, nine of them in the thigh and groin region.

According to investigations by the Civil Police, the plan to assassinate Anderson began a year earlier, with a failed dose of arsenic poisoning.

Flordelis had been trying to rehabilitate his public image. In February, she celebrated her 60th birthday at the Cidade do Fogo Ministry, in São Gonçalo (RJ), the church she led with her husband.

At the time, she – who is a pastor and gospel singer – sang the praise “Step of Exaltation”, which says: “They want to see your fall / They want to see your end / But don’t pay in the same currency / Nor do you want to bad”.

Before migrating to the police news, Flordelis tried to be elected president of the evangelical bench in 2019. She was popular: she was invited to programs such as those by Ana Maria Braga and Marília Gabriela. Then, she was exalted as an exemplary mother: in addition to her four biological children, she adopted another 51. In 1994, she received 37 street children after a massacre in Central do Brasil.

A film about his career had a stellar cast, ranging from Bruna Marquezine to Cauã Reymond.

In her vote, Celso Ferreira Filho says that the deputy’s actions mentioned in the case file may signal undue interference.

Social media contains “evidence of dialogues indicative of the power of intimidation and persuasion” that Flordelis exercises over witnesses and defendants, says the judge. “There is no doubt that, due to her role, she has means and ways of accessing information and systems, in the face of the relationships she maintains by virtue of parliamentary function.”

Sought by sheet, the parliamentarian’s adviser did not respond.

In November, Floderlis published a video in which she says that the complaint against her was based on anonymous depositions sent over the internet.

“The complaint was accepted and is in the process of deconstructing my image. And what amazes me most about all this is that these testimonies from anonymous people and even people whose names are written here [no processo] they are not testimonials, they are just lines. There is no evidence contained here. ”


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