Rio police arrest Dr. Jairinho and the mother of the boy Henry, who died a month ago – 04/08/2021 – Cotidiano

The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro arrested on Thursday morning (8) councilor Jairo Souza Santos Júnior, Dr. Jairinho (Solidarity) and his girlfriend, teacher Monique Medeiros, mother of the boy Henry Borel, 4, dead on March 8 in Barra da Tijuca, west zone of Rio de Janeiro.

The arrest warrants were issued by the 2nd Court of the Capital Jury. The arrest is temporary, lasting 30 days. The couple was taken to a police station in Barra da Tijuca. Several police officers participated in the arrest. The two were greeted with shouts of murderers at the door of the police station, where several people were waiting for their arrival.

The suspicion is that the child was murdered and that he was subjected to aggression sessions in the apartment where he lived with his mother and stepfather. The couple would also be hindering the investigations.

According to GloboNews, the police discovered that Henry had been beaten for at least a month before his death, including with kicks and blows to the head.

Henry’s councilor and mother, who have lived together since November last year, took the already dead child to a hospital in Barra da Tijuca in the early hours of March 8, with several injuries to his body. They say they found him lying down, with his eyes rolled up and his extremities frozen.

Since then, the case has been investigated. This week, the defense of Dr. Jairinho and Monique asked the Justice to annul all the evidence that will derive in the future from cell phones and computers seized at the addresses of the couple and their families, during investigations into the boy’s death.

In a document sent to the 2nd Criminal Court of Rio de Janeiro this Tuesday (6), the lawyers also say that the parliamentarian is being pursued by the delegate responsible for the case, Henrique Damasceno, and for this reason they request that the investigation pass into the hands of the Homicide Police Station. of the city.


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