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The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro opened an inquiry against the executive editor of The Intercept Brasil website, Leandro Demori, to investigate the content of the journalist’s posts about the police operation that, on May 6, left 28 dead in the Jacarezinho favela .Demori was summoned to testify on Thursday (10).

Initiated by the Police for the Repression of Computer Crimes, the inquiry also targets biologist Lucas Sá Barreto Jordão as a result of a comment he posted on the El País Brasil website on the day of the operation, the most lethal in the history of Rio de Janeiro , known as the massacre of Jacarezinho.

The occurrence that gave rise to the investigation brings as a witness the delegate Pablo Dacosta Sartori. In the event, Sartori appears as a communicator of an eventual crime of libel. The inquiry was initiated by delegate Daniela dos Santos Rebelo Pinto.

“This is an occurrence carried out by order of a police authority, with the objective of investigating the content of several accusations made against civil police officers in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in particular against the police officers assigned to the Core (Coordination of Special Resources), once that, after virtual searches carried out by the technical sector of this specialized police station, profiles were identified on social networks, where there is an assertion that the police are criminals and that they are part of a ‘faction’ that maintains a group of murderers”, says the inquiry.

According to the press office of the Civil Police Secretariat of Rio, Daniela Rebelo signed the opening of the procedure because the DRCI holder was away on medical leave.

“The inquiry was opened on May 12th after a complaint from Core police officers, who felt offended by the two journalists’ posts. The survey has 30 days to complete and can be extended if necessary. The opening of the procedure was signed by delegate Daniela Rebelo, who was replacing the head of the DRCI, on sick leave,” says the note from the Civil Police Secretariat, referring to Jordão as a journalist.

On May 12, Sartori reported an incident against Demori. Four days earlier, the journalist reproduced on social media excerpts from a newsletter he had written, according to which police officers who participated in the Jacarezinho massacre “are known in small mouths as the ‘Core faction’, the Coordination of Special Resources”.

“The story grows when we put other facts together: the ‘faction’ is involved in the João Pedro case (14-year-old boy, killed during an operation), in the Salgueiro massacre (eight killed) and in the Maré helicopter case (eight killed) . There are 41 homicides in these cases alone. How many more?” says the newsletter published by Demori.

For Demori, there is an inversion of ethical principles. “What amazes me is that, instead of using the police apparatus to investigate the complaint, they investigate the journalist,” he said.

In an editorial published this Tuesday (8), The Intecept Brasil states that “everything indicates that the DRCI has become a police station for political repression.”

“In healthy democracies, the police would be concerned about the pile of dead that Core has been leaving behind in its operations. In the Brazil of our times, the police want to intimidate and put pressure on the messenger. Demori was summoned to appear at the Police Station for the Repression of Computer Crimes next Thursday, at 2 pm. The DRCI is the same that summoned Willam Bonner, Renata Vasconcellos and Felipe Neto, in cases with evident political bias. Everything indicates that the DRCI has become a police station for political repression. The Intercept won’t bow to that, ever.”

Wanted through his legal counsel, Jordan was not found. According to the inquiry, the biologist published: “Operation of uniformed bandits kills 25 people”.

Head of the Computer Crimes Repression Precinct, Sartori is the same person who subpoenaed youtuber Felipe Neto based on the National Security Law. He was also the one who opened an inquiry against Jornal Nacional newscasters William Bonner and Renata Vasconcellos for having reported a complaint by the Public Ministry against senator Flávio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ), son of president Jair Bolsonaro (no party).


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