Roger Machado criticizes game schedule between Fluminense and Cuiabá

O Fluminense didn’t have great acting, but won Cuiabá 1-0, in São Januário, this Sunday, for the second round of the Brazilian championship. The victory came with a goal by Gabriel Teixeira, still in the first half.

Coach Roger Machado was keen to criticize the departure time (11 am).

“A difficult game, at a bad time, which the opponent is more used to playing than we are. Sometimes it seems to me that Brazilian football thinks it’s in London. In the winter of London playing at 11am. It’s one thing to play at 11 am in Santa Catarina, Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, in winter,” he said.

The tricolor commander valued the victory and praised Cuiabá’s performance.

“Cuiabá really valued our victory, they didn’t surrender at any time. We are sure that Cuiabá will have a championship to remain in the elite, because they have hired experienced players. Players who contribute a lot to football. We really value these three points, the match is very difficult. By keeping zero on the scoreboard for one more game, we stayed in the match”, he declared.

Fluminense will have two games in a row against Bragantino, in Bragança Paulista. The first is valid for Brazil’s Cup, this Wednesday. The second will be on Sunday, for the Brazilian Championship.

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