Rome: Ceasefire in Libya threatened by mercenaries and militias


Italian Minister of Defense, Lorenzo Guerini

Italian Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini noted the “fragility” of the ceasefire in Libya, despite the progress made at the political level and the formation of the Libyan National Unity Government.

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Italian Foreign Minister meets Dabaiba in Tripoli

He said in a joint hearing with the defense committees of the House of Representatives and the Senate today, Thursday: “A sensitive political process is taking place in Libya that has developed against the backdrop of a fragile ceasefire threatened by the presence of foreign mercenaries and militias.”

He also stressed that “Italy will continue to stimulate more interest towards the southern wing of NATO and will certainly be a pioneer in any initiatives that will be launched to achieve stability in the region, not only close to the Italian coasts, but also vital to national interests.”

In another context, Guerini pointed out that the US authorities agreed to supply the Italian aircraft carrier (Nave Cavour) with F-35 fighters, and this would “allow Italy to join that small group of countries capable of operating the fifth generation fighters on an aircraft carrier.”

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