Ronaldo spreads “poison” in the Juventus room … and hits the walls

Italian press reports revealed, on Monday, that Cristiano Ronaldo, the Italian Juventus striker, has poured out his anger on his fellow players and is raising doubts about his future with the team.

According to the report published by “La Gazeta” on its website, the Portuguese striker created his shirt and threw it on the ground after the end of the match between Juventus and its host Genoa, on Sunday, in the match that the Italian league champion won by 3-1.

Ronaldo appeared tense during the meeting, as he wanted to score, but he was unable to do so after several different attempts.

The Italian newspaper explained that the shirt that Ronaldo threw into the ground gave him to the ball boy, and added: He reached the tunnel leading to the changing rooms, and his face was very dark, and this is not the first time that Ronaldo gets angry when he does not score, but the tension was evident on Sunday. From the first minute until the final whistle, Cristiano took out his anger in his team-mates and also quarreled with Mattia Beren.

“La Gazzetta” continued: Ronaldo took “poison” to the locker room, where he angrily hit the walls and started screaming.

Pirlo, the Juventus coach, confirmed that Ronaldo was angry because he was unable to score, and stated: It is natural that someone like him always wants to shake the youth, I do not think that he will be fined, he can go through moments of tension, there is no reason to be fined.

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