Rosa Weber, of the STF, authorizes the governor of Amazonas not to testify to the CPI of Covid – 06/10/2021 – Power

Justice Rosa Weber, of the STF (Supreme Federal Court), granted habeas corpus and authorized the governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (PSC), not to testify to Covid’s CPI. If he decides to appear at the commission, he has the right to remain silent, according to the judge’s decision.

The minister did not take any decision in the lawsuit filed by 19 governors asking the STF to prohibit the CPI from calling them to testify. The understanding used in the case of Lima, however, should serve as a precedent for other state managers.

The testimony of the Amazonian governor was scheduled for this Thursday (10).

On the 26th, the commission had approved the call to him and eight other governors to explain the use of federal resources in the states to fight the pandemic.

Rosa also asserted that Wilson Lima has the right not to be subjected to the commitment to tell the truth and said he cannot “suffer physical or moral constraints” at the CPI.

After several negotiations, the senators had approved applications aimed only at those responsible for state governments who were the target of an operation by the Federal Police to investigate suspicions of irregularities with federal funds in fighting the pandemic.

They are Wilson Lima (AM), Helder Barbalho (PA), Ibaneis Rocha (DF), Mauro Carlesse (TO), Carlos Moises (SC), Waldez Góes (AP), Wellington Dias (PI) and Marcos José Rocha dos Santos ( RO). Former Rio Governor Wilson Witzel was also summoned.

The first to be heard would be the head of the Executive of Amazonas, who, on the 2nd of June, was the target of search and seizure warrants by the Federal Police at his house. At the time, the PF unleashed an operation and fulfilled 25 court orders that also targeted the then state Health Secretary, Marcellus Câmpelo, who was ordered to be temporarily detained.

Rosa Weber’s decision, however, does not prevent governors from attending the CPI as guests, rather than summoned. The governor of Piauí, Wellington Dias (PT), made this clear soon after sending the action to the STF.

“We remain willing to attend, as a guest, and ready to collaborate, but in compliance with the Constitution,” said Wellington Dias.

When the Supreme determined the installation of the CPI to investigate the management of the pandemic, the government’s allied base had already tried to extend the scope of the investigation to governors in order to dilute the federal government’s attrition with the investigations.

The Planalto Palace was not successful in this articulation, but included the transfer from the federal government to the states as one of the focuses of the investigations.


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