Roskomnadzor demanded to remove restrictions from Sputnik video on YouTube

Roskomnadzor demanded that Google remove restrictions on the video recording of the interview of the Sputnik France TV channel with the French specialist in the field of neurosciences Idriss Abercan, the department said.

“Roskomnadzor sent a letter to the management of Google LLC, demanding that all restrictions be lifted from the video recording of the interview of the Russian media correspondent Sputnik France with the French neuroscience specialist Idriss Aberkan as soon as possible,” the message says.

As explained in the department, it became known earlier that the material posted on the official channel Sputnik France on YouTube was blocked by the administration of the video hosting. The interview highlighted the problems associated with the spread of the new coronavirus infection COVID-19, its consequences and restrictive measures introduced by the French government.

The letter from Roskomnadzor notes that such actions by the YouTube video hosting administration violate the key principles of free dissemination of information, unhindered access to it and are an act of censorship against the Russian media.

According to Russian law, ignoring warnings by the owners of Internet resources about violations of the rights of Russians on the Web, including censorship of Russian media, entails the imposition of an administrative fine of up to one million rubles, the Roskomnadzor noted. In case of repeated refusal to comply with the requirements, the amount of fines will increase to three million rubles.

Earlier, the Sputnik France TV channel announced the blocking of a video recording of an interview with Idriss Aberkan on Youtube.


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