Rosobrnadzor admits the cancellation in 2022 of the early period for the USE due to covid

Rosobrnadzor admits that in 2022 the early period for passing the exam will be canceled due to the increase in the incidence of a new coronavirus infection, the head of the department said on Thursday Anzor Muzaev.

“We have been seeing an increase in diseases for two years now. This is October-November – last year there was such a situation, and the next peak is the end of March and April. We had just an early period at this time. Of course, everyone expected that this autumn everything will be fine, but this does not happen, with a high probability there will be some problems in the spring too.This is a debatable question, and now we cannot answer for sure whether it will be or not, but if the situation continues like this, we think that everything will be transferred to one summer wave, “he said at a press conference in TASS, dedicated to topical issues of the examination campaign of the current academic year.


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