‘Round 6’ is a small café near the ‘Round 38’ of the Brazilian Championship – 10/14/2021 – Sandro Macedo

“French 1, 2, 3”. Anyone on planet Earth must have at least heard of “Round 6”, a South Korean series aired on Netflix that has broken world records in streaming viewership.

In the program, 456 players must go through six games (six rounds) that refer to child’s play, but with a difference. Whoever loses is eliminated… for real. The untied bloodletting starts with the first game, when a giant doll repeats the phrase “fries 1, 2, 3” and turns its head. Who moves, dances, in short.

It sounds terrifying, but it’s a small cafe for those who follow the Brazilian Championship. Here, yes, it is guaranteed voltage on our “Round 38”. It works like this: the coach who did poorly, who was more or less, who has little time to implement the new philosophy, who did not want to keep the old philosophy, who was unable to train, who had players unavailable due to injury or call-up, may fall. the manager didn’t like that, that he was rude in an interview, that he was very sensitive in an interview, that he complained about salary, that annoyed the businessman… in short, there are several reasons that can lead the coach to lose his mind.

There are 38 episodes, 900 minutes each, generally. The rule is not always clear. There are teams that have played 26 times, others 23. But 15 coaches of the 20 participating teams have already been eliminated. Alberto Valentim was defeated in episode 1, by Cuiabá, and after a draw. He fell undefeated in the championship. A mix of drama, horror and comedy.

Of the last two eliminated, he was even a little sorry. Luiz Felipe Scolari, veteran, has played and won more than once. He could be retired, with his hefty cash prize. But no, addicted to adrenaline, I wanted to play again. And was eliminated from the team of the heart, Grêmio, with the right to a goalkeeper crying after the game.

And Hernan Crespo? “I think I’m going to stay here for 10 years,” he said these days. Naive brother. And look, he took São Paulo out of the lineup of titles – at this time Paulistinha is also valid, of course. It was the most elegant one on the edge of the lawn, what a grace. He made an effort to speak Portuguese in interviews, sometimes even more than someone who speaks Portuguese. But he’s been paying the bill for the effort for the state title for months, in addition to having annoyed mimimi player manager – you can’t upset these people. He lost his mind “in common agreement”. Yup.

And “Round 38” is even more terrifying because the participant who died can come back. Practically a mix of “Round 6” with “Zombie Invasion”, another successful South Korean production. See Rogério Ceni, killed by Flamengo in episode 10, has now risen and even trained in the dead of night, on Wednesday, 13.

Only six players continue playing since episode 1 of the current season: Abel Ferreira (Palmeiras), Cuca (Atlético-MG), Juan Pablo Vojvoda (Fortaleza), Maurício Barbieri (Bragantino), Sylvinho (Corinthians) and Marquinhos Santos (Youth). But there is still time for more eliminations.

Pride of Youth leaders. He has been fighting relegation since I don’t know when, but he keeps Marquinhos Santos firm and strong (until the conclusion of this text, at least).

Maurício Barbieri is currently the longest-lived, closely followed by Abel Ferreira, but both are involved in continental finals. If you lose… “potatoes baking 1, 2, 3”.

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