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On June 10, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree denouncing the Russia-US Memorandum of Understanding on Open Land, according to which Russian and American diplomats could travel long distances across the two countries on a notification basis.

“Accept the proposal of the Russian Foreign Ministry, agreed with the interested federal executive bodies, to terminate the application of the memorandum of understanding between the government of the Russian Federation and the government of the United States of America regarding the ‘open land’,” the government decree says.

It is noted that the Russian Foreign Ministry has been instructed to notify the United States of the relevant decision.

The memorandum allowed the diplomats of Russia and the United States to travel without restrictions on the territory of the two countries, with the exception of those places that required special admission to enter.

On June 2, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov announced that Moscow was preparing an order to denounce the bilateral memorandum with Washington on the “open land”.

On April 15, US President Joe Biden signed a decree on the introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions. The restrictions affected 32 legal entities and individuals from Russia, who, according to the US presidential administration, “made attempts to influence the US presidential elections in 2020, as well as other acts of disinformation and interference.”

The United States also announced the expulsion of 10 members of the Russian diplomatic mission in Washington.

On April 16, Russia imposed countermeasures in response to United States sanctions. At the same time, a list of steps taken by the Russian side was published. Among the retaliatory measures, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of several American diplomats, and also noted plans to end the memorandum on “open land” in connection with the systematic violations by the US diplomatic missions of the rules for traveling through Russia.

The memorandum was signed in Washington on June 17, 1992, it regulated the travel of diplomats around the host country. Individual employees of the departments had to notify the authorities of the country where they are located that they are leaving a 25-mile radius from the capital or the city in which the consulate general is located, writes.

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