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The Public Chamber (OP) sent to the Cabinet of Ministers a list of proposals for rating social, engineering and transport infrastructure facilities for people with disabilities. Among them is the introduction of changes to the existing standards and codes of practice, as well as taking into account not only user ratings, but also the opinions of experts. In addition, the OP offered to “give points” not only for convenience, but also for information accessibility – the availability of information on the Internet.

Following the meeting of the president with representatives of organizations of disabled people in December last year, the head of state instructed the government and the Public Chamber to submit proposals on the appropriate “rating of social, engineering and transport infrastructure in terms of their accessibility for disabled people.”

“In practice, it is rather difficult to build a route of movement, for example, from point A (house) to point C (shopping center) through point B (transfer by transport). To solve these problems, we have proposed a new methodology for assessing objects, where you can apply the system by analogy with the system of hotel services. This presupposes the “stardom” of places in terms of accessibility, “Diana Gurtskaya, chair of the Public Chamber’s commission on an accessible environment and the development of inclusive practices, told Izvestia.

The OP also proposed to consider the possibility of creating a mobile application that would allow assessing objects for compliance with accessibility requirements. It is also proposed to integrate this indicator into the State Services portal and into the “Federal Register of Disabled Persons” system. In their proposals to the Cabinet of Ministers, public figures were also asked to evaluate the sources of funding for this work.

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Delimited Opportunities: Facilities for Disabled People Will Be Ranked

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