Russian Federation has increased the activity of intelligence in Germany

The head of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany (performs counterintelligence functions) Thomas Haldenwang claims that the activity of Russian intelligence in the Federal Republic has reached the level of the Cold War.

“We notice that Russia has significantly increased its activity,” he said in an interview with the Welt am Sontag newspaper published on Sunday. “The level reached now, we knew so far only from the time of the Cold War,” Haldenwang said. The head of the German counterintelligence service believes that Moscow’s methods allegedly “are becoming more and more brutal, and the means – more and more brutal.” Haldenwang recalled the murder of a Georgian citizen in Berlin in 2019. The German side considers the Russian Federation to be involved in what happened, despite the fact that Russia has repeatedly denied this.

Accusations of espionage against Russia are often heard in Germany. At the same time, no specific evidence is provided.

Haldenwang also pointed out what he considers the most serious threat to Germany’s democracy and security, above all, right-wing extremism. According to him, the special services of the Federal Republic of Germany are worried that radicals are spreading propaganda of their views on the Internet.


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