Russian gas alert: Germany turns to coal

The Jänschwalde lignite power plant (Brandenburg). It is considered the fourth polluter in Europe. MATTHIAS RIETSCHEL/REUTERS

DECRYPTION – Faced with the drop in deliveries from Gazprom, the Minister of the Economy urges the Germans to reduce their consumption.

Occasional black suit and tie. In front of the urgently assembled press, the German Minister of the Economy announces the triggering of the gas alert level. The second stage on a scale of three. With the seriousness of a pastor presiding over a funeral ceremony on a sunny day, Robert Habeck came to tell the Germans that they must mourn a life of comfort, carefree and unlimited. “Gas is now a rare commodity in Germany proclaims the Vice-Chancellor. “Summer gives us deceptive security. Our own negligence would be our worst enemy. We have to prepare for winter.” And as in the series Games of Thrones, the still invisible adversary is to be feared. In a speech delivered on Tuesday to the Federation of Industry, the environmental minister had used another warning formula: “The crisis ahead of us may be worse than the corona crisis.»

In support of his demonstration, he holds up a graphic of the federal agency…

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