Russian interests in Kazakhstan and Ukraine; listen to podcast – 01/11/2022 – Podcasts

Amid a wave of protests that has left more than 160 dead, the government of Kazakhstan has asked Russia for help in bringing the situation under control. Moscow is sending more than 3,000 troops to the neighboring country. But this is not the only conflict mobilizing Russian troops in the region.

In November, President Vladimir Putin deployed more than 100,000 troops to the border with Ukraine. Fears of an invasion have put tensions between the two countries in the crosshairs of the United States and Europe, which are seeking a deal with Putin to avoid a confrontation with Russia.

This Tuesday (11), Café da Manhã discusses Russian activities in Kazakhstan and Ukraine. The columnist of leaf Jaime Spitzcovsky analyzes the concerns of Americans and Europeans in the region and explains the chances of all this resulting in a conflict.

The audio program is published on Spotify, partner streaming service of leaf in the initiative and who specializes in music, podcast and video. You can listen to the episode by clicking below. To access the application just register for free.

Listen to the episode:

Café da Manhã is published from Monday to Friday, always at the beginning of the day. The episode is presented by journalists Maurício Meireles and Bruno Boghossian, with production by Jéssica Maes, Laila Mouallem and Natália Silva. Sound editing is by Thomé Granemann.


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