Russian Minister of Health told how to become a long-liver

Diet and physical activity, avoiding alcohol and tobacco prolong life. Russian Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko told how to maintain health for many years.

“Unfortunately, when we become adults, we believe that we are allowed a lot,” RIA Novosti quotes the minister. years of life”.

One must be extremely restrained and wise in order to maintain a health-preserving principle of behavior, Murashko emphasized.

Previously, one of the main beneficial habits for longevity was named. Drinking a glass of warm water (about 40 degrees, not colder) on an empty stomach immediately after sleep has a beneficial effect on well-being. This normalizes the circulation of bile, which is an important element in the digestion of fats, promotes the production of intestinal hormones, and destroys a lot of pathogens in the body.


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