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A clip posted on Twitter has laid bare the mess left behind by Russian soldiers in Izyum after they were pushed out of the Ukrainian city.

The Defense of Ukraine account shared the video as Kyiv continues to publicise its successful counteroffensive in the Kharkiv region.

In response to Ukraine’s measure, Putin has announced a mobilisation order for 300,000 Russian reserve fighters.

The Defense of Ukraine said of the clip: “Neatness is not the best virtue of the russian military (sic).

“But like the ancient Sumerians, they stick to their calendar. 08.09.22 – their last day in Izyum, for some of them the last day of their lives.”

In the video a voice can be heard saying in Ukrainian: “September 8, 2022.

“It was the last day when the russians (sic) were here, they ran away very quickly.

“This is where they lived, here they ate, here they s**t.

“The second army of the world, amazing. The city of Izyum.”

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A mass burial site was exhumed and found to contain the bodies of 146 citizens, including two children.

Many of the dead were innocent civilians, with fears that they suffered torture and a violent death.

The Kharkiv governor, Oleh Synehubov, said: “There are bodies with tied hands and traces of torture.

“The deceased were also found to have explosive, shrapnel and stab wounds.”

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