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Russian readers named their favorite Russian contemporary writers, the results of the poll were published on the VTsIOM website on Wednesday, June 9.

So, the most popular writers among Russians were Daria Dontsova (5%), Boris Akunin (4%), Zakhar Prilepin (4%), Victor Pelevin (3%) and Tatyana Ustinova (3%). It is noted that the above authors lead the rating among different categories of readers, from those who call themselves “lazy” to “inveterate” lovers of literature.

At the same time, two-thirds of Russians (66%) consider writers to be intellectual and smart, and 10% call them limited. The fact that writers are deep people and take their work seriously was stated by 48%. More than half of the respondents noted that writers influence the minds and moods of people (57%).

“According to half of Russians (53%), writers are driven by the desire to make money, every fifth (22%) believes that writers strive to create great works and go down in history. Do they do it? Not really! Only 33% of our compatriots consider modern writers to be successful and wealthy, every fifth (21%) believes that this is not so, ”the message says.

Only every fifth (21%) Russian polled expressed confidence that writers occupy a high position in society, but 48% do not agree with this opinion.

In April, it was reported that Russians called the novel The Golden Calf by Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov the funniest work of classical literature. In second place is the comedy “The Inspector General” by Nikolai Gogol, and in third place is the work “Three in a boat, not counting a dog”, which was written by Jerome K. Jerome.

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