Ryabkov: Moscow and Washington have started a dialogue on cybersecurity


Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Moscow and Washington were able to launch a serious dialogue in Geneva and launch the exchange mechanism on cybersecurity.

The Deputy Minister stated that a well-developed mechanism has been proposed, but to achieve the desired result, cooperation must be mutual, and noted that efforts in this area should not be made only by Russia.

Speaking at the Russia Investor Conference, Ryabkov added: “In Geneva, we were able to launch a very deep and thoughtful exchange, with the United States on these issues…that became one of the important components of the overall achievements of the meeting.”

And Ryabkov continued: “We – Russia – do not deny the importance of solving problems in this area. But I would like to emphasize that the only way to achieve effective results is mutual cooperation, the participation of both sides, including all relevant institutions of the two countries, otherwise it will end, as has always been the case. During cooperation with the United States on many issues: Washington announces its agreement but does not implement the initiative, which causes it to disappear.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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